Bangka Trip



Pahawang Trip

Total Spend: 500k IDR

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1. Gosongan
2. Tanjung putus
3. Taman bawah laut pahawang
4. Pahawang besar dan kecil
5. Kelagian besar dan kecil
6. Mahitem

Bowling Ceria

Every Tuesday XL employees has this bowling thingy going in PlaFest. My highest score so far is 55, and my greatest achievement is Spare. Itu pun out of beginner’s luck. Haha lame.

Instead of learning the right technique, gue malah bereksperimen dengan berbagai gaya melempar yang ga penting abes. I was never good at sport anyway so fuck it, haha. I played with Fara, Lyana, Imam, Devid, Ichsan and Arie.

Our team named BCL, stands for Bowling Ceria Loh! I know, ga penting abes. Habis bowling we usually had a late dinner. Dan tonight tiba-tiba aja gitu ada NAIF sedang nampil. Mendadak ber-NAIF ria. Pulang pagi berasa masih mahasiswa, haha I miss got home at this hour, dulu mah seriing.

Anyway, hopefully my score will getting better next week.

Happy Birthday, Tiku!

So, we’re celebrating Tiku’s belated birthday party last saturday night. We went to Bluegrass, Epiwalk, which by the way has great foods and lots of moctails choises. We got her cake and presents and hopefully she likes it!


I had Chicken BBQ that taste good. And after meal we had this pretty cake that taste just as good. Fruity fresh! Love it!

*Rainbow Cake* 

We also had Nandya with us, though she soon picked up by her mother.

But the three of us headed back to my place to spent some times before Tiku had to go back to Bandung.

It’s funny how we find the scene’s so familiar. I’m driving in the front with two of my girls at the car. Heading back to my place just to laid back. It’s awesomely felt like the old times. Amazing how people can stay friends after so long, huh :’)

Anyhoo, we wof you birthday girl! Thank you for the treat! :*


Friday is my most favourite day of the week.

XLApp. batch 4

Farida’s Birthday Treat at Pizza Hut Ambassador

See, at Friday, in the end of the day you know you got nothing to do for the next two days, you know you can just sleep all day or hangout with friends. That feeling’s awesome. And Friday is the day I usually hang around with my boyfie at home, watching TV and stuff. He always busy in any other weekday so I have to wait until Friday to met him. Saturday I usually busy hangout with my friends so I don’t spend much time with him in that day either. Friday is our day ❤

Saturday is fun. But Friday is just awesome!

ASTRIers are Back in Town

Hangout with the girls at Ambassador Mall after office hour Friday night.

Not for long, though. After that I’m heading to Epicentrum to watch Avengers with boyfie. But we hangout again at Saturday night in Skydining Plaza Semanggi. We should arrange girls sleep-over next for sure!

Pelipur Lara

My dear friend Tiku came all the way from Bandung to visit me.

 Some jerk left anonymous letter to me in my car’s wiper, successfully left me crying for half an hour. You don’t know how it meant to have these two come in rescue to accompanied me. Means the world to me :’)

Good food great friend, even the most brokenhearted one will smile again :)