Impostor Syndrome

On today’s episode of
“Am I A Fraud or A Prodigy at Work?”

A project is being handed to you, it’s new, it’s exciting, and little did you know that project will define your entire career.
That project is being associated to you as a person, so that no matter in what division you move to, it follows you.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, this project is kept rolling and rolling, phase after phase, and getting more and more attention from the management.
Deep in your heart you knew someone else is more capable and suitable to lead that project, but it was handed to you first so its yours. All the next phase is yours.
You are grateful, because this is your chance to be a rising star. But secretly, you are afraid people will find out that you’re stupid.
Then you start to wonder whether the bosses overestimate you or that you’ve been underestimating yourself.
You start getting high KPIs, but you can’t lie to yourself that most of your time you spent by being lazy and idle.

Apparently this is pretty common and even has a name. Stupid of me to think I might be the only one feeling it. It’s called Impostor Syndrome.

Oh what a relief. A negative voice in my head had a name #impostorsyndrome


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