“Do you think you know her? How she really is?”, said he.
“Yes”, I said.
“Do you really know her?”, he asked again, emphasizing the word ‘really’.
“I really do”, I said, assuring him. “I surely know her more than you do. That much I know”
“Do you believe 100% of what she said? You believe all the things she said?”, he asked me again.
I know where this is going. He’s trying to stir my opinion upon her. I sip my cig and blow the smoke slowly. “I know her enough to extract the truth from when she’s telling lies”
“Then you know it’s not true what she said about that, right?” He said, flicking his cig tip.
“I know”, said I.
“We’re on the same page then? Regarding her indecency?” He said, his tone is urgent eventhough he tried to surpress it.
“We are”, I nodded rather hastily.
He exhaled. Apparently he’s been holding his breath all the while.
I put out my cig and start to packed up my things, thinking, just because I acknowledge her indecency on the discussed matter doesn’t mean his is annulled.


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