Before I Fall

Review by Indira:

To think that the mean things we’ve done just because we were bored and/or wanted to prove it to our cooler peers and/or need to feel good about ourselves can affected someone so much. That, just like a smile could make someone’s day, a snotty retort or a mean comment could ruin theirs, or even change the course of their life. Samantha has to figured it out by being dead and re-live her last day seven times until she gets it right and finally understood.

I was working late and just got home and randomly opened a folder in my laptop when I discovered this book. Guess it was put there by my teenage sister.
I was reading it and unable to stop. It was an e-book and has no back cover so I was reading it without even knowing what this book is about and ended up stayed up all night finishing it.

I was going to give it 3.5 stars and decided to round it up to 4 for its exceed-expectation. Because I wasn’t expecting it to be this rich, I was expecting it to be another crappy teenlit.

“A good friend keeps your secret for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets”

I like it. The love-hate relationship Sam have with her friends was natural, the famous-losers situation was clearly explained, the whole school situation was believable. For all we know it could have been OUR school, you know. We all have our own Juliet Sykes. We were once this kids who just hope to fit in and get actualize. We were once these kids who is mean to someone. And I’m sure at least once we felt like everything is so out of place. I think everybody can relate to this book, I especially.

I have my shares of being Juliet, I have my shares of being Lindsay. I even have my own Kent back then in high school, the guy I actually like but turned down because I want everybody to think I’m too cool for him. I was thinking of him and wonder “what if I have said yes”

“..and I think how just easily it could be the other way around. She could be blocking my path; I could be trying to slip around her into the dark”

It gets a little boring in the middle of sixth day, but I broke a little tears at day seven right when Sam gave Izzi their grandmother’s necklace.

I tell you one thing: this book worth your time.

“The rest you have to find our yourself”


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