TwivortiareTwivortiare by Ika Natassa

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First thing first, kudos on the idea of making the fictional character tweets, although it’s not at all original but it’s refreshing, def.
Brought to you with tweeting style, began the story of ups and downs of Alexandra Rhea’s life after getting back together with her former husband, Beno. The husband is cold and ‘straight-faced’ but turn helplessly romantic when confronted with Alex’s frustration towards his cold attitude. The conflicts are around Beno’s long hour as a doctor and Alex’s as a banker, silly jealousy, Beno’s inability to show his feeling and Alex’s sometimes-childish way of dealing with these stuff.
Sometimes the Beno character came out too perfect I’m sure many women would drool over him. And sometimes the Alexandra character seems so childishly selfish, self-centered and ungrateful, well not all the time but sometimes. That’s okay if that is what the author is actually aim for, but I don’t think so. It doesn’t seems so if you read the part where Alex is preaching. Alex many many times negates her own statement, which kinda makes her looks like a prick. I like the part where Alex can be playful and interact like a normal person in twitter with Wina.
The Wina – Alex’s best friend whose husband is also a doctor – part is always the best and funniest. I would love it if the author elaborate that part more, because sometimes the Wina character is just there to say “And then what happen?” so that Alex can continue her story without looking too self-centered.
The conflict is boring and repetitive. The reason why I enjoy reading this book is because I did it while day-dreaming over Beno, tee hee.
Maybe because it’s written on a series of 140 characters tweets, sometimes it’s just seems like reading Alex’s rambling. And preaching (rolleye). And whining.
But then again maybe that’s the whole idea of tweeterature anyway.
Nevertheless it was entertaining, def. But it only goes as far.

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