The Burden of the Bellas

“You know how back in India people believe that each person’s allotted a certain amount of good fortune when they’re born? They say that’s why people born with too much beauty have problems with other things in their lives –they’ve used up their luck”
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Vine of Desire –

Many girls desire beauty. That’s why we dressed up and put on make ups. As I grow older day by day, I realize beauty cannot bring you anything. It is your personality and your passion and your kindness that buoy you through out life. As far as I live, I see that beauty cannot even guaranty you a nice, smooth, happy-ever-after love life, even when we all know boys are a very visual creature and always, ALWAYS, entice by beauty.

In literature, more often than not, beauty only brings misery. Just like,

Lynn Sommers in Portrait in Sepia by Isabelle Alende

Basudha Chatterjee in The Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Emily Gibson in The Autumn Bridge by Takashi Matsuoka

are to named a few.

Modern people, though, said that pretty girl can gets away with almost anything in life. Half true.

My friend, R, told me, whenever she’s riding a train (commuter line, you say) with her friend, E, who is less pretty then her, she always get offer a sitting space by a stranger. She said she always prefer the unisex car rather than an all-female car, because whenever she is standing in a train, some guy most definitely will give her a sitting space. She said E hates it when it happen because guy only offer R the sitting space, but not her, because she is less pretty.

But then again, I found R many many times cried over a guy. Guys chase her and want to “achieve” her. But none of them bother to stay, so far. Well, she’s no different at all with the rest of all common beauty.

My friend, J, is so pretty that I never met a guy who is think of her less than very pretty. I don’t know how many times I hung out with her and some random guy come to us asking her number and stuff. She can lands pretty much all the guy she wants in the world. She was living a miserable life, though. All guys are kind to her, but all comes with an agenda. She did abortion twice, and being left numerous times. People spreading mean rumors about her and stuff.

The beauty has to deals with every guy approaching them with hidden agenda. They have to deal with girls hating them for no apparent reason. They have to deal with people labeled them “kegatelan” when they dressed a little provocative, or if they are being kind to a guy. They have to deal with lots of other craps.

Beauty can get you guys, but it can’t make them stay. Moreover, beauty cannot bring you happiness.

The way I see it. Beauty is just as good as an asset as any other good quality such as brainy, cheerful, etc. It really depends on how you use it. Common beauty should stop hating the beauty.

There is nothing wrong with being the best you can get out of your look. Look nice is always a good thing. But do not envy beauty. Envy those with a good heart. Even better, try to be one :)


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