Another Year To Come

So, last night was that most happening rave party in this country: Djakarta Warehouse Project. I’ve been changing my mind back and forth about going to DWP this year. Well, none of the guest stars that I like so much. Beside, I feel like it’s a bit pricy. So much more important things I can buy with that amount of money.

DWP 2013
DWP 2013

Well, I went to DWP last year. It was indeed, PECAH like many would describe it :D

It was Friday, I got off from work early with my girl friends. I can’t stop giggling and wiggling, out of excitement, on the elevator down. There was an Indian vendor in the lift with me. She looked at me wiggling, smiled and said “Happy that it is Friday?”. I said “Well, Alesso is in town so we’re so excited!”

We drove there in my car and got stuck at this crazy traffic, sing along to the radio, changed our clothes inside the car while this pervert parkman tried to peek. Put makeup on, and everything. The queue was crazy long. We bought this overpriced drinks inside that can’t even get us high because it was too bland.

By 6 AM, I can’t felt my legs and was about to cry from exhaustion. I can’t remember where I parked my car, eventough I was completely sobber. Still, it was a lot of fun and kinda cool, you know, I was there with the so-called “coolest kids in the country”. Still on party euphoria, feeling a little bit daredevil, when I finally got home I made out with my then boyfriend eventhough my friend was still sleeping on the other side of the bed.

So many things happened to me this year. Things that changed my life forever. To name a few: I broke up with my high school sweetheart, my parents moved into town, and I finally secure the permanent position in the company I work in this past year.

How different things are, now. Last year, I went to DWP with friends. This year, I stayed at home and having dinner with my family.

23rd Birthday. Was a bit harsh at first but June ended up nicely
23rd Birthday. Was a bit harsh at first but June ended up nicely

22yo, 14 hours dancing in DWP, got home, makeout with bf while girl friend still sleeping on the other side of the bed. 23yo, dinner with family.

22yo, juggling all guys that making eyes on you, seing other guy behind your boyfriend’s back, cheated on and being cheated by. 23yo, let go of bad relationship. Skip the not-so-boyfriend-material guy and don’t get caught up with a bad relationship just for the sake of it. Able to enjoy meaningless makeout and don’t let it get to your head.

22yo, struggling with employement status in company. 23yo, permanent employee, preparing to climb a career ladder, slow but sure.

22yo, accepted all hangout invitations, stay the night out. 23yo, filtering hangout invitations, trying to get home at reasonable hour more often.

22 was wild. 23 was full of crazy life-changing things. I’m hoping in 24 I will finally have a steady life. Financial-wise and emotional-wise.

I can’t believe this year is about to end. It was a rough year, 2014.

None of the 2014 resolution is achieved. But I think I’m ready to get pass those first-jobber craziness. All of the uncontrolled spending and all. Try to spend less money on clothes and shoes. Spend more money on family and investment and savings. And maybe stop putting so much pressure on myself. You did well, self. It’s okay to cut yourself some slack.

Forgive self and move on. From the anger and every bad emotion I felt during this year. And let go all of the bad habits I do out of peer-pressure and to-prove-a-point thingy.

Slowly, one by one :)

Another year to come. I have a good feeling that 2015 is going to be a great year. I’m gonna have so much fun (responsibly) next year!


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