Happy 23rd, Happy You!

Birthday hit me hard this year. I’m the kind of person who value their birthday so much. I always treat my friends and hand out wish list and everything. I talk about it weeks before my birthday. I always say that my birthday lasts the whole June. These past 2 years my ex gave me surprise every freaking week. With a recent broke up and all, I ‘m kinda bummed a little. Will this year’s birthday be as jolly?

But hey! Surprisingly I still got surprises every week! And my birthday still lasts for a whole June! It’s all thanks to my superb friends and family. They really are the best one could hope to have.

Comet 2.0 – It’s just so happened that my birthday’s eve was at the same time with our PRJ ritual. We did it every year for the whole-2-years of our friendship. The first year we watched NAIF, and this year it was Sheila on 7. It was Friday the 13rd and we drove to Kemayoran right after office hour with surprisingly light traffic. We bought the mandatory PRJ’s Chiki-bag –10K IDR still haha– we fake-tattooed our wrist and took a memorial photo-box. Devid sent me this bag from my wish list.

When the clock hits 12 PM Lyana showed me the sketch she made to greet me Happy Birthday. They drove me to Tiku’s and they kissed me on the cheeks.

I love you, guys~ Can’t believe we’ve only known each other for more or less 2 years. It’s been like forever.


Rendi & The Fee – As soon as I reached Tiku’s place I got another surprise. They bought me these cupcakes from Marqui’s and Rendi brought us the best selection of Hong Tang’s dessert. I can’t help but weep a little. These girls, God knows how many birthdays I spent with them. They always there through high and low, and still there throughout these years.

I love you girls~ And Rendi too, of course, you’ve been so much like a big brother I never had.


Mon Familles – I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday dinner with my family. I spend years away from my family, studying in High School and College and all that. This year, my whole family, and I meant my WHOLE FAMILY is here to celebrate. On the very day of my birthday, we had dinner in this food court and my brother sang me song with their home band. May be first family birthday dinner in years.

I love you all, Entu, Mama, Wira & Zia. And Putri too. Can’t believe we all here.


Geng Studio – Get the yearly tradition’s cake from geng Studio on the very next Monday.


Ka Citra – Give me this red provoking dress as a gift. This dress suits me well. It so happen that red is our Monday’s dress code. So I changed to this dress and we took a mandatory selfie in front of bathroom mirror.


Ka Wid & Ratu – Give me this beautiful clock with Eiffel Tower sketch on it. Fit perfectly in my room. They know I love French and I love the vintage looks of it~


The Original 4 – I brought all of geng Studio’s members and other Telkomsel teams a nice breakfast from our own shop. But after office hour I took the Original 4 to our mandatory karaoke session. It such a tradition. We had a crazy pretend-clubbing session and I got gift from Jazzy. A strap sandal, just what I needed.

I love ya girls~ You all are such a joy to be with. Can’t believe how boring my days will be without you guys at the office!


Babiers – So happen that the next week I have this one-week training in Bandung. This training alone is like a gift, because let’s face it, I’m only there to coordinate. So I spent most of my days hangout with Babiers. I stayed in this 4-stars hotel so I invite Welly, Debby and Yopin to slept over. They surprise me with cakes and we had a nice week together. Laughing like crazy, play cards, swim, goes around Bandung and everything. Welly brought this temporary tattoo so we put it on our wrist and call it “Friendship Tattoo”. Haha fvcking cheesy I know. It was a superb week. Most of it was paid by my company, so double yeay!

I love you all my piggies! I don’t know I can laugh that hard!



Dancewave Crew – This is my new thing. I joined the hip hop dance community. We affectionately call the instructor Paps. Again, it’s just so happened that my birthday is only 2 days away from Paps’ birthday. On my very first session with Dancewave they threw a surprise party for Paps, I was so surprised I thought they throwing ME a surprise party. I was like “How the fvck they know?!”, Hahaha. When they learned that my birthday was also just barely due, I got to blow a candle in the fried chickens they bought. What are the chances! Just my luck!


Friends and Family – Can’t thank you guys enough. It was an amazing June! I got so many surprises and got to blown candles on numerous cakes, and got so many gifts. You guys wiped tears and lit up not only candles but also laughter. I love you so so so much.



With friends and family like this, nothing can’t be cured. Not even the most severe broken heart in the world. I love you guys! Can’t thank God enough I have you~

I’m gonna slap myself so hard if I’m not thankful for this!


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