Welcome Aboard

It’s been a month since I joined the PCO team. I’m working as a co-PM under mas Toto and kang Cecep. Before I and Manda joined the team there’s no girl in the PMs team. My job here pretty much is to join in the meetings and conclude things and make sure all the action points are done in time.

Although there’s no food allowed in the building, mysteriously almost everyday there’s snacks circulated in the PCO team’s area haha.

As PMs, we do our job separately from each other, so each PM working on different project with teams from other divisions, both front and back end team. As a team we barely work with each other. But we get along pretty well, in the evening we hang around office eating snacks and had a good laugh. Working as a PM I met lots of people from other divisions so it’s been fun. If you have just enough curiosity you can learn lots of different things.

I love the working environment here in XL. It’s boosting and fun in the same time. My concern about not having enough friends of my own age and didn’t get to hangout as much as when I still in college is unreasonable. We hangout alright here, in fact I have more than one clique. God is just too kind ♥


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