Bowling Ceria

Every Tuesday XL employees has this bowling thingy going in PlaFest. My highest score so far is 55, and my greatest achievement is Spare. Itu pun out of beginner’s luck. Haha lame.

Instead of learning the right technique, gue malah bereksperimen dengan berbagai gaya melempar yang ga penting abes. I was never good at sport anyway so fuck it, haha. I played with Fara, Lyana, Imam, Devid, Ichsan and Arie.

Our team named BCL, stands for Bowling Ceria Loh! I know, ga penting abes. Habis bowling we usually had a late dinner. Dan tonight tiba-tiba aja gitu ada NAIF sedang nampil. Mendadak ber-NAIF ria. Pulang pagi berasa masih mahasiswa, haha I miss got home at this hour, dulu mah seriing.

Anyway, hopefully my score will getting better next week.


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