EMC Reunion

After a long discussion about staying over night in Villa Lembang for reunion, we finally have to settle for just hangout in Bandung Cafe. Like always, it is always because of lack of personnel. So we spent a nice evening in Hartwood Cafe, eating Tuna Melt Sandwich and Chocolate Creme Brulee.

Ah what it is in reunion. Talking about old friends and how they have been, laugh, joking around, and, yes, we play card game. It is actually more fun than I thought it would be.

And then we decided to continued karaokeing in NAVV Dapla. Yuza, Rexa, Tony, and the girls Tiku, Anna and me :)

We finally say good-bye to each other at about 1 am. And when I get home, he called me to check if I get home okay. And we ended up chatting up in the phone until morning :) Mostly talked about how we miss the old time, and how we miss, uhm each other? Haha na’h.

Ah really guys, we should do this more often~


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