UI Career Expo 2012

Balairung UI, 8 – 10 maret.

It is not as hectic as I imagine it to be. We have a tiring day applied in all vacancies that worth considered. BII, BNI, BCA, XL, Pertamina, Oberthur, etc. There are not too many IT companies, even if we find one it usually looked for Informatics Engineering.

I got text from almost all Banks, and some of not too popular IT companies. The big fishes like Pertamina and Freeport hasn’t yet close their open vacancies.

It is not so bad, I got text for Psycotest for XL at Thursday, I hope it turns out well, though I still crossing my fingers on Telkomsel. I already applied for both Telkomsel and Samsung.

Anyway, it felt nice to hang around Ellya and Tia again, it felt like my first year of college all over again. Who knows I ended up with these guys again after all these years we spent apart :)

Hey hoo, keep applying, fellas! Keep your fingers cross for me!


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