So now that the two of us has passed our final trial, we are ready to parte~y

It was Yopin’s treat though. I kinda insisted on celebrating with my full team. But yea, even though we are all still here in Bandung it’s already kind of hard to do. Here’s what we can gather in such sort notice.

We went to Cafe Halaman, this quite big cafe in Setiabudi I once read on internet. It said that this Banana Flambee is worth to try. And it is! It’s soft and warm, mix well with the ice cream, yum~

And then we ordered all the Dimsums this cafe have, well, since it was Yopin’s treat, hihi. The atmosphere here is quite nice, it has Wi-Fi and lots of food’s variation. It is too crowded though. We managed to ask the Waiter to take a picture of us all. Here we are:

It was a quite and nice evening :) Well, it is Yopin’s after all. I still wait for the right moment to throw my treat for celebrating my graduation. I am thinking Camden, and Photo Studio a la Keraton with kebaya and all, oh and definitely Bober. Ah anyway: Yo bitches, there are new engineers in town, wooohooooooo~

Yosephine Talenta, ST and Tengku Indira Giovany, ST ♥


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