5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Roommate(s)

I always sleep alone in my own room ever since I can remember. This thing makes me develop habits that makes me impossible to have a roommate.

1. I like to sleep naked. Which obviously I can’t do with a roommate in the way.

2. I like to talk to my self in the mirror. The same reason as number 1.

3. I like to listen to music out loud, dance and head-banging and sing along with it. More likely no roommate will like this behavior, including me.

4. I’m gross, but I hate gross people. Meaning that I don’t like mess, but I like to make one, and I hate to clean one, moreover cleaning the one that I don’t make i.e my roommate mess.

5. I don’t like to share territories eg: Bathroom, PW corner (where I can access my 24h internet service, laptop, and speaker and TV and my books shelf)


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