To Overcome

There are things that we’re afraid to do. I’m not talking about doing buggy jumping, or sky diving, or anything extreme like that. It simply just a daily thing. A simple thing that we never thought of, or thought of but never actually do it. We often complain about our life, yeah sure, life’s sucks. We hate our job, we hate that stupid tree outside our window, we hate that our boyfriend never appreciate what we do, we hate our long boring hair, and blah blah blah. But have we ever really considering to quit our job, or cut that stupid tree, or dump our boyfriends, or cut our hair extremely short? Nope will be my answer.

We are, or I am for a case, too afraid of the change, of the challenge. But do you know that when we actually do it, well it’s not that hard. Not as hard as we thought it would be. We keep thinking and thinking about doing it, rethinking over and over again, and we always end up not doing it.

You know what? What if we go through with it? You know, like, do it. It probably feels good.


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