For the Greater Good

Suatu ketika saya pernah di tag ke sebuah note di Facebook. Intinya adalah, what would you do in the situation, dimana ada sekelompok anak bermain di area rel kereta api. 3 orang anak bermain di rel kereta yang sedang aktif, dimana sudah ada papan peringatan tetapi mereka masih melanggar. Sementara seorang anak bermain di rel yang sedang tidak aktif. Sebuah kereta api mendekat dan kamu memegang tuas untuk mengubah jalur rel kereta. Apakah kamu akan a) Mengubah jalur rel dan mengorbankan seorang anak demi menyelamatkan 3 anak lain, atau b) Membiarkan ke 3 anak tersebut mati demi menyelamatkan seorang anak yang notabene tidak melakukan kesalahan whatsoever.

Of course it’s a silly question. There’s still so many other things to do, seperti misalnya meneriaki anak-anak tersebut agar menyingkir dan sebagainya. But you got the main point, right? What would you do? Call me mean but I’m the kind of person who would deffinitely do b). Tentu saja, despite that they’re still a kid and there for there should be grown-ups who looking out for them, that responsible for how the hell they got into that situation in the first place. But despite all of that, bisa dibilang those 3 kids -in the meanest way of saying it- deserve to be crushed by a train, aren’t they? Why would we sacrifice the one kid who play in the right place, right? Once again, despite all the things I’ve said before.

We sacrifice those 3 kids, dengan harapan, next time, kids will be more careful, parents will be more attentive, so on so forth. In other word: for a greater good.

For those who read Harry Potter, tentu tidak asing lagi dengan this term. This is the term that being used by Grindlewald and Dunbledore when they dreamed of a world ruled by wizards over Muggles by uniting the legendary Deathly Hallows. They believed that if they were forced to destroy a few along the way, it would still be “for the greater good”, and the sufferings and losses would be rewarded a hundredfold in the end. Oh, just out of the topic a bit, it is so frustrating waiting weather or not the last part of the very last series of Harry Potter will be play in our country, isn’t it? Damn it!

Ah anyway, back to topic. By that reference, I would like to define “For the Greater Good” as a term that use for describing a belief that doing something horrible and bad -in a way or another- to achieve the “greater good” is okay and not wrong whatsoever. I personally kinda am believe in this. Well, everything, every good thing needs a sacrife, an effort, right? Sometimes we have to do a bad thing in order to achieve a good thing.

The very clasic example of this mungkin adalah Robin Hood. Cerita tentang seorang pemuda yang mencuri dari orang-orang kaya untuk dibagi-bagikan kepada yang miskin.

Perang, genosida, kup, dan revolusi memang kejam. But sadly, sometimes needed. Kalau memang masih ada jalur yang bisa dicapai selain dengan anarkisme, maka we have to fight it all the way. Saya bukannya cinta kekerasan atau apa, seperti yang saya ungkapkan disini, saya pun ngeri melihat segala bentuk ekstrimisme. Selama masih ada cara lain then we have to try. But sadly, in the real world, in this insane mean world, ada kalanya -jika tidak bisa dibilang seringnya- kita harus mengambil a bitter way for a sweeter ending.

This kind of belief is horrifying. Berapa banyak coba tirani dunia yang menggunakan excuse “for a greater good” untuk menyebarkan kesengsaraan dan dominasi among people selain Grindlewald dan Voldemort? Banyak. The thing is, although I “kind of agree” with this “greater good” things, who the hell is have a right to decide which one is for the greater good and which are just a pure evil?

I think, “greater good” baru akan bernilai benar ketika tidak menghasilkan sebuah dominasi suatu kaum terhadap kaum lainnya dalam bentuk apapun, dan ketika memang sudah tidak ada jalan lain yang dapat ditempuh selain cara itu. Misalnya adalah peperangan melawan penjajah. Kalau memang cara sudah tidak bisa, well we have to fight, right? Demi menghilangkan segala bentuk penjajahan dimuka bumi.

For a greater good.


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