My Download List

I’m into old songs thingy, you know, and OST thingy. So once I watch some movie, if I like the song, I’ll go download it. So here is my lately songs download list. Some of it I already have in my old laptop, since it broken so bad that I don’t even have a time to copied my files, I had to re-download all of my favorite songs. Here they are:

1. Unbreak My Heart – Tony Braxton

2. You’re Still the One – Shania Twain

3. I’ll Always love You – Whitney Houston

4. The Greatest – Cat Power

5. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

6. As If We Never Said Goodbye – Barbra Streisand

and these are the “quite new” one:

1. Adele – Rolling in the Deep | amazing voice

2. Train – Marry Me | because the royal wedding of William-Kate

3. J.lo ft. Pitbull – On the Floor | the opening music? definitely dugem material!

4. B.E.P – I Just Can’t Get Enough | the name B.E.P says it all

5. Ke$ha – Blow | trashy, I know, but it’s pretty catchy

6. Britney Spears – ‘Till the End of the Time | well, it’s Brits, what can I say?

Oh! Oh! And I’m also into anything GLEE sings. Like, seriously anything. My favorites of course Rachel and Kurt.

Glee cast:

1. Poker Face

2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

3. Hello

4. True Colors

5. Don’t Stop Believing

6. If I continue typing it will be a very long post.

I’m not the kind of people who is always up to date by knowing and downloading all the song in the top chart or something like that. But I’m also not the kind of people who only want to listen to certain singer/band/music and certain kind of genre. I’m up for anything as long as I enjoy listening to it, even if it is Justin or ST12 (but hardly even like one). You can say that I’m a music-bitch, haha I have no type and I’m cheap:p

Anyway, I come to love this hiphop group from Korea so much. 2NE1. They’re pretty good, unlike the other who are too bitchy, naughty, baby-ish, or even gay-ish.

No offence though people, keep screaming Suji or whatever that is all you want. These are their songs that I like:

1. Clap Your Hands

2. Fire

3. It Hurts

4. I Don’t Care

5. Try to Follow Me

6. Lollipop (ft. Big Bang)

7. Can’t Nobody

8. Go Away

9. Don’t Stop the Music (Fiore)

The last one is actually the commercial for some motorcycle brand. But it stuck in my head, hahaha. They’re good. Uh, how they say it? Dae Baak~


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