Girl and Sex

I recently start to watch GLEE. And then this Rachel said something about sex, she said that “Girls want sex as bad as boys want it.” and I was like screaming “TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”. It is awful that when boys talk about sex, the reaction was like “Oh, well, they are boys”, and when girls do it, they were like “What a bitch”. Hey come oooon! I’m not encouraging you guys to have sex or what, but if you do, you’re not a bitch because you’re a women. You’re a bitch because yo do it, no matter what your gender are. People usually said “Ih cewenya loh yang ngajak duluan”, seakan-akan parah banget kalau ceweknya yang ngajak. Kalau cowok yang ngajak, again, the reaction just “Well, boys”. What awful is not a girl asking for sex, it’s asking for sex it self that awful. Get the point? Good. So stop doing it please.


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