Which Shopping-Partner’s Type Are You?

As much as I like hangout with friends, I also like to be by myself sometimes. Especially when it comes to shopping. Not that I don’t like my girlfriends, it’s just that most of them is a lame shopping partner. Believe it or not, my favorite shopping-partners are my gay friends, hahaha. Oh and also my boyfriends, since they usually following me around quitely and carrying all those shopping bags, too smart to argue or just simply afraid of my cranky mood, haha.

And so, I make a list of this type of shopping-partner refers to my friends. Which type are you, girls?

*let’s shop shop shop*

1. “Straight to Point” Shopping-Partner

This kind of shopping partner usually will gladly accompanied you to shop, but s/he sticks to what you tell them you want to buy. If you tell them you want to buy a new bag, s/he will say “What are you doing in the Shoes-section? Bag is in that way”. And after you buy a bag, s/he will drag you straight home. Or if you not, s/he will get into cranky mood.

Avoid this type of friends if you just want to do a window shopping, discounts season, sale event or simply just don’t have any specific things to buy. But this kind of shopping partner is the most suitable if you are at the end of month with limited budget and wish to buy something specific, because s/he will keep you from buying things you don’t need.

2. “Buy Less Think More” Shopping-partner

This is the type that think over and over again before buying something. It takes hours for them just to buy a pair of shoes! They spend a lot of time in each shop, and once they found something they like, it takes them a loooong time deciding whether to buy or not. Usually it ends up in them not buying any. Drives me crazy, this kind of shopping partner, really. But they are a good partner if they just come to accompanied you and not planning on buying something for them selves.

So the conversation goes like this:

“Crut, temenin gue dong besok, mau cari sendal di Kings”
“Oh oke oke, gue juga pengen beli sepatu nih buat kuliah”
*alarm ringing*
“Uh, on second thought, I don’t really need sandals. TTFN!”


Hahahahaha.. yes this is you, Ticrut.

3. “Quick-grabbed” Shopping Partner

Ha this one is me! Hahaha. This kind of partner like to go to each shop that you could possibly go, but don’t like to stay too long at one place. S/he will get to one place, and then move to the other place, and grab this and that, sorry I mean, these and those during the move. So it will be a tiring and thoroughly shopping session with him/her. A little bit annoying if you are actually the number one type, but it could be a lot of fun if you are in the same type as her!

Here is a little actual scene when I was out shopping with my type-3 shopping partner. So we already tired exploring Bandung Distro and already on our way to go home when I spotted another distro that we haven’t go in yet.

“Tik, look! There’s another shop. We should go in!”
“What are you crazy?! It’s late already and my feet hurts, and.. *take a glimpse of the shop* okay let’s go in!”


Haha, my partner-in-crime, totally! But you MUST avoid this type at the end of month, it can drag you to a bankruptcy. Beware!

So which one are you, folks? If you are one of my friend, you might see a little similarity to you, because the list bellow based on my real friend. Can you find your self here?:D


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