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It’s been a while since my brain ate a good book, like I said in my earlier post that I’ve been reading shits for holiday, and hadn’t been reading since the college started. So on this weekend instead of going out I’ve been reading Persepolis. Persepolis is an illustrated autobiography of Marjane Satrapi, bercerita tentang masa kecilnya di Iran, masa remaja di Vienna, hingga akhirnya ia kembali ke Iran dan menikah, sampai at the end of the story she got divorced and going abroad again, this time is for good.

Marjane Satrapi, a brilliant girl who always speaks her minds, critical and love to read, and also a human being for she was also lose her self to society sometimes, or even to a delusional love, enjoying her self but also suffered loneliness. I enjoy the up and down of her life, how she handled things, how sometimes she also let things out of control, how her parents educated her, how she hates the pressure of her traditional country but couldn’t fit in abroad without being untrue to her self, that she feels bad for not being able to make her parents proud,  that she got in so many trouble for having such a big mouth (that I love, haha). I love her rebellious self, how her mother said “Well done” when she called the nuns who despise her country “a former slut”, hahaha.

I laughed at this part:) And I love how her grandmother always ask her to stay true to her self, that very fond of her but didn’t stop her to despised Marjane after accusing innocent man on street to safe her butt, “You’re a selfish bitch, that’s what I think! Integrity, does this word means anything to you?!”, whoa what a grandma.

That her father let her married though he always know she will get divorce, “everyone has to have her own experience”, he said.

I feel like watching my self when I read it. Not that I’ve been also experienced war or something like that, its just that I sometimes lose my self and feel so confuse just like her, that sometimes I feel wasted and guilty toward my parents, and how I, just like her, have the very same conclusion to it all:

And her Idea of education is reading books. My father used to encouraging me to read books, too. Oh how I couldn’t agree more:)

Read these, these books worth your time.

Persepolis 1 | Persepolis 2


2 thoughts on “[ Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi ]

  1. Persepolis is the story of a self-indulgent upper middle class girl in Iran who has no sense of what is actually going on around her. She navel gazes through her entire life without understanding what her country is really going through. This book is a shallow production by what seems to be a person who is quite selfish in reality.
    This is a very deceptive book in reality. It appeals to the naive, who lack the effort or motivation to understand the historical context of the Iranian revolution.
    Just change the location, name and maybe draw them differently and it could as well be a story about a Cuban girl, or an Indian girl (during the Independence movement in the 40s) or….you get the drift.

    1. Well it is not intended to be historically correct anyway. This is a memoir of her own life, and I happen to quite enjoy her selfishness and all. What’s appealing from this book (at least to me) is Satrapi’s unique personality.

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