Goodbye Poem

People come and go, it’s true. And people don’t always nice to you, it’s also true. When you have to say goodbye, be brave and stay right. Kenapa harus memaki-maki dan pergi dalam kekesalan, right?

I found this very nice poem here, oh I would like to write a poem my self, but you are no longer an inspiration. Though so, this is the very last bit from me to you, it will never be again. Case closed. Our case closed.

It hurts inside to say goodbye
It hurts like I just need to cry
It hurts for me to say hello it hurts like I just said goodbye
It hurts for me to see you
It hurts like I’m never gonna see you again
It hurts for me to hear your voice
It hurts like I was gonna be your number one choice
but what hurts the most is coming back
because I don’t want to hurt you any more by leaving you all over again
so just let me go
to be happy once again


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