[Harry Potter & the Deadly Hallows: part 1]

Nonton film ini bener-bener sebuah perjuangan deh, hujan-hujanan, end up beli jas hujan dan 5 menit setelahnya ujan malah berhenti :swt: Haha tapi worth the fight!

Ceritanya gausah diceritain lah ya, kan udah pada baca novelnya. Yang jelas ga mengecewakan kayak harpot6. Sumpah adegan kematian Dumbledore mengecewakan. Pertama, Harry ga di stupefy, dan ga ditutupi Cloak of Invisibility. Which is make it impossible for Harry not to help Dumbledore! Ga mungkin Harry cuma bengong dibawah tangga ngeliat Snape cursed Dumbledore kalo ga ada dua hal tadi.

As in this movie, memang ada beberapa yang ga sesuai sama novel, tapi masih dalam level “okay”. Karena penyesuaian disana sini emang perlu sih buat menyatukan potongan adegan filmnya. Acceptable lah.

The difference between book and movie of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part 1:

  • People like Tonks, Bill Weasley, Mundungus, King Shacklebolt are introducing them selves to Harry as if that was the first time Harry met them. In fact, he’s not. He already met ’em all in harpot6.
  • Harry is not using Polyjuice potion when attending Bill and Fleur’s wedding, which is impossible because everyone suppose to be buzzing and congregate around him if it hasn’t been that way.
  • They didn’t say “We didn’t kill you!” to Dumbledore ghost in Grimmauld Place.
  • Ron isn’t screaming over Hermione’s name like crazy when Hermione being tortured by Bellatrix
  • There’s no scene when Kreacher turns good after Harry gave him Regulus’s fake locket.
  • The drawing of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville dan Luna is not shown in the ceiling of Luna’s room, and Hermione didn’t deliberately let Harry being seen by death eaters before they apparate.
  • The “Potter Watch” radio station is exist even before Ron came back, and the movie didn’t showed that the station is running by their closest friends as Lupin, Fred and George, Shacklebolt, and so on.
  • When Ron came back after run away after having argument with Harry, he said “maybe Dumbledore know I always want to come back”, it suppose to be Harry’s line, Ron in fact said “maybe Dumbledore know I will run away”.

And that’s all I can remember, officer! Yang jelas saya ga kecewa lah, humornya dapet, tegangnya dapet, emosinya dapet.

Filmnya berhenti setelah mereka berapparate ke rumahnya Bill and Fleur dan Dobby mati. Setelah itu adegan Voldemort ngebongkar kuburannya Dumbledore buat ngambil Elder Wand, and cut. The movie ended there.

Well, can hardly wait for the very last movie next year!


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