Don’t Sink Even Lower!

when life drown you, say “peace” to it

“Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge”

-Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

Oh yes that is true girls, at least most of us girls does that.

Harry mikir gini ketika Hermionie sengaja ngedate sama Zacharias Smith cuma supaya Ron cemburu. Dating a bad guy just so he know he’s not worth your  attention at all. Begging, literally begging, for reconsiliation. Having sex with the man you’re not even love just because he’s cheating on you. Let him taste his own medicine, say you? Think again girls, it’s you that taste the bitterness, not him. Just like Hermionie, dating Zacharias Smith toh juga bukan the good way to avenge Ron. Malah dia akhirnya nyesel karena ternyata si Zach is such a jerk.

Most of us, including me, doing stupid things when we sad, sometimes it caused you publicly humiliated. Keep these in mind: No man worth your dignity.

Life is a b*tch sometimes. Say, heart break and breaking up is indeed a tough matter. But if your life’s sinking, don’t sink even lower! You can resign to god as if you’re relaxing in a deep water until you floating back up, or struggle hard and come up to surface again. Anything! Just, don’t sink lower, for our own good.

Be tough;)


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