Boys, who the hell are you?

what a mystery!
what a mystery!

Dear boys all over the world..

I wonder what are you guys made of. The very first time we met, you trying so hard to impressed us girls. You called. You bought. You came. You did anything, and I really mean ANYTHING to get close to us. You bought us chocolate when we updated our YM stat “I want a Chocolate”. You drive us to a mall when we said we feel like shopping. And you put our name on “about me” box on your facebook.You struggle when we denied. You concern about us even when we didn’t even care. You fight for us no matter how hard until we wonder what are you made of that makes you so persistent and never give up. And then makes us noticed you, and agreed to going out on a date.

I wonder what are you guys thinking. When we start dating, you came almost everyday, whenever you can. You called just to know what are we doing, wherever you were. You texted us just to say “I love you”. You took us on a fancy date. You bought us a cute doll, saying “To keep you accompanied when I’m not around” and those kind of so-sweet-that-make-me-go-oh. You wishing us happy annieversary every week. You give in when we fight. You melted when we cried. You listened when we babbled. You hugged when we trembled. You kiss in the forehead everytime before we seperated. You made funny faces when we mad. You said yes to everything we ask. You said “Goodnight, beautiful” everynight that made us sleep with a smile on. A wide one. What were you thinking, doing all that things that make us bond to you?

And then it stopped. We don’t know when it start, when we realize it, you already become a pain in the ass. You stop listen when we fight. You make us cry in our sleep. You forgot our annieversary date. You always too busy to call, or text, moreover to date. You turns out from so-sweet-that-make-me-go-oh to so-sick-of-you-that-I’m-about-to-puke! What happen to you? What happen to us? What should we do to make you stay the way you were when we start dating? Is it something we do, or something we said? Or it’s just you that is an unseen-yet jerk? Tell us boys!

Even more, you better tell us who the hell are you?! A dim twit?

Oh well, maybe I should just leave and find a MAN instead of BOY


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