My Upcoming Birthday

Actually, I’m kinda nervous about my upcoming birthday. Not because I’m entering any special stage of age or what, it’s my 19th birthday. But I am affraid it would be nothing special on that day, what if it’s just like any other day? Common day, plain day, usual day? :(

Oh, birthday is easy when you’re a highschooler, isn’t they? at least you know it will be a blast. In colege, well, the blast just not to what I expecting. Not even from my bf, because he eventually forgot my birthday times to times. Believe me, I checked on him, he didn’t even remember -__-“

My 18th birthday was a nightmare! I got tied up twice and being torture. Oh I can still smell the stinky things they poured on me. Nothing sweet or fun in that, believe me. I actually feel abused! I know, I smile on the photo, it’s just because I get the proper revenge. The tied loosen up and I chased them and, well, let’s say they got what they deserve, shall we?

But my sweet seventeen is actually sweet. I had three different agenda with three different group of friends at that time.

Big black forest from Tia, Dina, Icha, Ellya, and Vidia. They got into my nerve a whole night, and then came with the cake in the morning. It was nice :)

And then a small chocolate cake -ah, it’s two cakes actually, one went all over my face- and the usual flour ceremony from Diah, Debby and Marisa. Oh, and they gave me a set of cutlery, you know, plate, glass, bowl *yeah I actually didn’t have glass nor plate at that time :p. They also gave me socks *I always lost mine and a purple carpet puzzle. Aah, girlfriends just know what you need, aren’t they?

Oh, and I also went out with my besties from high school – Pinky, Shinta and Tiku – to this cool cafe up at the Dago Pakar named Congo, and they bought me a book as a present.

Aaah, I feel loved :)

If I could come up with the best 3 of my birthday, it would be my 9th, 12th, and 15th.

At 9th, that is the first time I celebrate my birthday as a teenager *and I wasn’t even a teenager yet! alone with only closest friends. I even got egg smashing up in my head! That was fun. We all headed back to my house on Becak Motor. Laughed all the way home. And the cake was good too, a framework of donuts with cakes on the top. Pretty cool. It’s usually a party with an invitation at my house before that, like a party that you thrown for a kid, with a goodie bag filled with snacks, balloons, and all that childish things.

At 12th, well, I’m throwing quite a big party at that time so I still remember it. And my dad give me a red Karimun as a gift. I even get my own SIM *yes, it actually can happen at my country, a girl at age 12 driving cars legally. It actually marks my transition from a kid to a cool teenager who droves her own car to school.

At 15th, hmm this one is full of emotion. So my besties set up a surprise party at my room. I had no idea at all. They were trying to piss me off all day so I actually crying like hell at that day, and get cranky pretty seriously. It happen that my younger brother set up a party too. So when my boyfriend at that time picked me up from school *yes, I refuse to go home due to my cranky bussiness they all already in my room, with two big cakes, and present and food and beverages, and even decoration. And it happen that my AC is broken at that time so they actually melted into sweat of waited for me. But it was nice. All the people I would possibly love in the world is in that room *except for my parent, they off to somewhere

Whatever my birthday will be, I always feel bless to even have an oportunity to once again being a birthday girl, watch my age add up, and life another year of my live as happy and healthy as always :)

So , how will my birthday end up? I’ll tell you as soon as I’m turn 19 :)


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