Stop Judging, It’s not Indonesian Idol!

I'm no angel
I'm no angel

Some say, you should wear jlbab when you totally ready. Well, I say different!

I’m wearing jilbab not because I told to, or because my hair was coloured, or because I want to pretend to be Miss Prissy or what. I wear it simply because God tells us to. It’s a compulsary. The fact that I’m not wearing it properly yet, that is something that I still working on!

And I hate when people judging me, especially they who are not even bother to try! If God would punish me for this, the least that I can say is, “Dear God, I’ve tried, really, it’s just didn’t work.” By then, what are you gonna say, people-who-not-even-bother-to-try? Well, you tell me, we’ll see then…

Buat yang ngerasa aja :)


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