How My Proposal Suppose to Be

I’m an expert of imagining things! Oh yes I am:) So I was listening to Fuck You by Lily Allen *really the song has nothing to do with my imagination at all and just lying on my bed.  I don’t know where it begun but I ended up imaginating how my married proposal will be:) yes, it’s so typical of a girl to imagining things like this, uh? Hahaha

So it will be on my birthday at that day. He bring me cupcake with candle lite on it right when the day turn to 14 June. It was sweet and all. And then in the day we are heading to the beach with my fellas. I imagine there would be Diah, Lana, Debby, Beler, Welly, Yoseph and Yosephine. He already gave me that cupcake surprise so I don’t expect another treat or surprise.

Hang out at the beach was fun and all. We laugh, splashing water all around, running on the sand, holding hand down the beach, he gave me riding on piggy back to the soda fountain at the beach side, more laughter, taking pictures all around all day. *I practically laugh on this part

So it was dawn and we all took shower and clean up. Right when I get out of the toilet he running towards me and lift me up to his back then running to the beach side, and then he put me on the bench and put a crown on my head and there were all my closest friend singing me happy birthday. There were people I don’t expecting. You know, my closest friend from junior high to college. I have no idea how he gathered all those people *I really really wish it really happen! All my friends were there Yuri, Richa, Karin, Nuca, Pinky, Shinta, Tiku, Dela, Roma, Rio, Chiko, Yuza, Tony, Hendra, *so on so forth, seriously guys, I can’t mention it one by one! All my boarding house mates, and those who hangout together back then at the beach. It really a huge crowd. I was melting into tears when all singing and wishing me a happy birthday, hugs and kisses and laughter and then a really big cake with a lot of candles burning on it. Everyone tear into joy and happiness, ooh what a moment!

And then he came with bunch of presents. The presents was stacked ranging from the largest box to the smallest. He told me to open it from the largest box first. Each box content not very impressive things, more like dialy things or things that meaning something to us, and he say something sweet and all. For example, the box was containing a soft blanket, “that’s for always been there for me, warmed and calmed my days”, you know, sweet things like that. Everybody was goes “oooh” and “aah” each time, throwing jokes and all, laughing, it’s really-really fun.

And then I reach the top of the present, a small box about the size of a ring box. He took the box out of my hand, and then bend on one knee, open the box, everybody was holding breath, so was I. There, my engagement ring shining under the moonlight, with the sound of waves in the back, ooohhhh my! >,< He says sweet thing bla bla bla I don’t have time to imagine what would he says *It took a lot of imagination, you know I was too shock and too trembling I don’t even hear to what he says. And then I said yes and jump to his hug :)

Cheesy as it is, I know, but that’s how I want it to be.

My husband-to-be, where ever you are right now, please please make it comes true :)


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